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Cyber terrorist team and fake followers of Narendra Modi

While reading this post you will understand how IT companies are playing a cyber terrorist role in India for our few politician and how they sold their soul for money in simple word " kaise yeh log apne desh ko andar se khokla bana rahe hai "

An undercover operation by Cobrapost exposes how IT companies across the country are using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to help politicians artificially boost their popularity and malign their opponents.

In a sting operation named ' #OperationBlueVirus ' conducted by the web portal, Cobrapost exposed about two dozen such companies which are running the shady business of online reputation management, Editor Aniruddha Bahal said in a media release on Friday.

Bahal claimed that the companies offered the following services: 
  • They would generate fake following on Netaji's Facebook page, running into lakhs, by creating fake profiles or buying likes from the community of netizens.
  • They would create a good fan-following on Twitter, by buying packages of followers. 
  • They would not allow a negative comment to appear on Facebook page.
  • They would do negative publicity against Netaji's opponent, employing methods not necessarily ethical or legal. 
  • They would post the negative content online from countries such as the United States or Korea, to avoid detection of its source.
  • They would use assembled computers for negative campaign and destroy them after the project is over. 
  • They would use proxy codes on their computers such that their locations change every hour, making detection impossible.
  • They would create fake profiles of Muslims to engage Muslims and change their views about Netaji and his party. 
  • They offered to make the promotional videos go viral on YouTube.
  • They would put at Netaji's disposal an in-house database of voters, categorized according to their vocation, area of residence, age, income level and religion. 
  • They would use offshore IPs and servers to avoid tracing of the source of online content.
  • They would hack into the computers of other individuals for posting defamatory content using their IPs.
  • They would use Internet-based messaging system to circumvent TRAI regulations on mass SMS. This they would do using short codes instead of actual phone numbers to mask the identity of the sender.
  • They would accept payments only in cash to avoid paper trail to ensure that no connection is established between them and their client.

Many of these malpractices violate various laws, such as the Information Technology Act 2000, the Representation of the People Act 1951 and the Income Tax Act 1961, and are as such punishable under various sections of the Indian Penal Code.

Bitter truth for Narendra Modi:

The chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi, who will be battling for the Prime Minister post from the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, has ample of supporters in the country. Enchant of Modi can also be seen on the social networking websites where he remains active most of the time. But to our surprise, the political leader and society’s role model has fake followers on his Twitter page!
In an online investigation by team Pardaphash, it is found that Modi has over 23 lakh followers on Twitter, around 40 lakh likes on Facebook and over 8 lakh have him in Google Plus circles.
Investigating further, Pardaphash found a URL ( of a globally acclaimed website which defines how many fake followers a person has on his Twitter account.

We found that 69% of Modi’s Twitter followers are fake and 22% are inactive which means that Narendra Modi only has 9% of active and real followers.
Source: (

Key Highlight on BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi:

Operation Blue Virus also makes certain stunning revelations. If the claims of the companies exposed are to be believed, among political parties, BJP is at the forefront in social media campaign, so is its Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, with scores of companies working overtime for him. This puts a question mark on the claims of the BJP leadership that there is a wind blowing in favour of their party and Narendra Modi.

Trikam Patel, Co-Founder, Triams, Bangalore:

Believing in one-up-manship, Trikam Patel gives an example of Narendra Modi’s campaign on social media: “Aap dekhte hi hain na Facebook mein Modi ka kitne cartoons wagaireh ye sab kuch karta hai … cartoons rahta hain unke articles ache ache tareeke se likhe jaate hain taaki uska promotion ho (You must have observed there are shown a number of cartoons on Modi’s Facebook site … there are cartoons … articles on him are well written so that his promotion goes well).” He says the fact is the Gujarat public is very gullible so much so that if you tell them there is a ghost around, they will simply believe it. It is, therefore, quite easy to do any kind of promotion with them.

Sanjeev Singh; Ravi Agarwal, Webolaxy, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi:

Agarwal claims on camera to have worked for Modi: “Narendra Modi ka Sir fan page jo hai na … hum log Ahmedabad ki ek company hai unka hum log bhi kaam kar rahe hain usmein … All About Ads company hai … event company hai … unke saath mein hum partnership mein Narendra Modi ji ke Facebook page pe bhi kaam kar rahe hain (Sir, there is this fan page of Narendra Modi’s … there is a company in Ahmedabad … all About Ads company hai … it is an event company … we are working in partnership with them on the Facebook page of Narendra Modiji’s).” Agarwal knows the pulse of our society ridden with biases of language, caste and creed, and knows how he can engineer such sentiments to make political capital. One has to reach out to voters in their own language which Agarwal calls as language calling, a concept new to India. Listen carefully how casually he puts it: “… profile banayenge … har dharma ke logon ki … maan lijiye agar mussalman hain toh BJP se mussalman log kum jude hue hain … toh hum pachas profile mussalman ke banayenge … fake profile … aur wo keval minister apne jo hain jo aapke jo Neta hain unki badai karenge … haan … aur kya hai na ye alag alag profile jo hogi ye saari jaise maan lijiye Raheem ke naam se ek profile banai … theek hai … ab ye Raheem kya karega saare mussalman logon ko apni profile mein jodega kyonki direct BJP se koi judega nahin (… we will make profiles of people of all religions … suppose there are Muslims … now only few of them are associated with the BJP … so we will make 50 Muslim profiles … fake profile … and they will only praise the minister, your Netaji … yes … and with these different profiles … for example, we make profile in the name of Raheem … Ok … now what this Raheem will do is he will link all Muslims to his profile because no Muslim would like to associate with the BJP).” Look at how Agarwal would destroy the reputation of our opponent, applying the same method. “Negative aap chahte ho unki burai karein (By negative you mean to defame him).”

Agarwal reassures of the result: “Wo Sir itni profile bana denge itni profile bana denge Internet pe itni profile … kum se kum … log honge chaar hazar Facebook pe negativity daalenge (Sir, we make so many profiles on the Internet that we will at least 4000 people doing this negativity stuff on Facebook).” We also come to know that the duo have contributed heavily to Narendra Modi’s following on this digital world. Listen carefully to what Singh says: “Bahut laye hain Sir (We have brought many likes for him Sir).”

Priyadarshan Pathak, Websol Media, Railway Road, Gurgaon:

His company is also handling, we are informed, Narendra Modi’s campaign on social media. Pathak says he would assign our netaji’s campaign to a Congress baiter who is a die-hard Modi fan: “Main aise bande ko aapke ispe lagaoonga … wo Congress se bahut wo hai … matlab khilaf hai (I will get a fellow on this project of yours … who hates Congress …).” A dentist by profession, this fellow generates about 2000 likes a day on his page.
Pathak claims: “Jo banda yahan baitha rahega na wo humesha … agar ye kuch karta hai na toh wo humesha kisi ne kya comment diya hai … kuch galat diya hai toh turant wahan se remove karega (the fellow who sits here will always … he observes what kind of comments the fellows have written … if there is some mal-comment is given he will remove it immediately).”

Rohit Mahajan, Director; Mohit Mahajan, Director; Shwetank Pathak (Sales Head); Vikas Chopra (Sr. Team Leader), Cloudmay India, Sector 16, Noida, Uttar Pradesh:

The party these gentlemen are working for is BJP and the man is none other than Narendra Modi. They all agree to run a negative propaganda against our opponent. They will make a website in the name of our opponent on which all the defamatory things will be posted. Giving an example of an anti-Modi website,, they together reveal their modus operandi. Says Vikas Chopra: “Toh uspe anti-Modi post aati hai … aise hi Pappu ka bana hua hai ispe … uspe Rahul Gandhi ke against aati hai saari (So, we receive anti-Modi posts there on that … it is just to make fools of people … on that we receive posts against Rahul Gandhi).” They are managing two websites, each for our Man Modi and Rahul Gandhi.

I really appreciate the work of Cobrapost team, who are showing this reality.
Source: Cobrapost 

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rajan Committee report demolished Modi's claims of development in Gujarat

Where is our BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi might be selling his development work in Gujarat to the electorate. But his state does not figure even among the 10 most developed ones. Among the country’s 28 states, Gujarat has been ranked 12th. Raghuram Rajan Committee report demolished his claims of development in Gujarat.

Now you can see in the table from your eyes that which Party is doing best for the development, so Guys its simple what we expect from Modi if Gujarat doesn't get place in top 10 developed state in his 12* years of tenure.

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Seeing myself dead in my dreams

Dreams have always been a mystery to us. The Association for the Study of Dreams has revealed that the majority of us have dreams with similar themes, and it is possible to gain better health (mental and physical), entertainment and even financial gains from such dreams.

A well known American psychic, Edgar Cayce claimed that through dreaming, people gain access to their spirit and all possible questions are answered by our inner conscience. Some dream interpretations are strange, while others are pretty understandable.

Today I’m going to share my morning dream which I saw on 20th April, 13 and I know that you will laugh on it, but this dream is not as normal dream and I never watch these kinds of Dream ever in my life.

In my dream I saw someone dying and he again came to earth with their relative’s as spirit and I didn’t knew him and also I didn’t remembered his face, but I’m very keen to know that what happens after death as its mysterious and like me many other people would also like to know that what happens after death.

So I tried to ask the person who was dying but he was busy in his activity and was ignoring me and he didn’t wanted to know anyone about this mystery, But after convince he was ready for it.

As he starts...!! Yamraaj (lord of death) came there and he took me along with him and that place where I went with Yamraaj it was like a 4th floor building and we were on 3rd floor where many people was there and some of groups was drinking tea and Yamraaj was also seated and he offered me a tea and then suddenly I woke up from sleep.

I was very scared and at the same time many things were going on my mind..?? These kind of dream I had heard from my parents, relatives and even from friends many times.

In my childhood I mostly like to read GK books and which I purchased from local market and same when I was in 6th or 7th Std.  I purchased one book from the same market and the book was suggested by my friend Amit. He is very nice friend of mine and at that time I stay in Delhi.

The book is related to meaning of Dreams, Mole on body, Sneezing etc and in this book mention about the meaning of death in dreams. If someone who is very closed or relative if die in your dream that is okay and I also heard from my relative and senior people of my family they said that if you see someone die in your dreams it means that his or her age of life will increase.

In this book there is also mentioned that if you see yourself dying or someone beating you in your dream, it means your death is near and you will die in 3-4days. 

When I woke up after my dream thought started coming in my mind which created shivers in my body. And I tried to forget all my dreams and I got ready for office and took my mobile and immediately searched on Google for “dreams and their meaning” and I read many articles related to dying in dreams.
And after reading articles I thought that why did I saw this dream because few days earlier I was in deep stress regarding my jobs and my personality I wanted many changes in life, so that it will help me in my career.

And finally I believed that this is the sign from God or Nature. And he also wanted some changes in me. I know it is a very challenging task for me but I will do my best, if I lost this precious time then I will never be an successful man in my life and this thing will hurt me throughout my life.

I would like to share some articles which I read and its gives some inspirations for thinking. I believe that every dream is gives us some message and you will also find many articles related with dreams on Google.

“Article 1”
To dream about death represents change. Your personality or life situation is transforming for better or worse. An area of your life has come to an end, an era has come to a close, or roles are shifting.
Seeing bad people die in your dreams is a sign that issues have been confronted. Negative aspects of the personality are being overcome by positive influences. Good people in your dreams dying symbolize positive aspects of your personality being overcome by negative influences.

To dream of being dead represents feelings of loss or total failure. If your death takes on a more positive theme it may reflect positive changes or transformation.

To dream of people you know dying symbolizes changes to certain qualities in yourself that these people reflect in you. It may also represent your view of these people succumbing to a problem as well as shifts in their personality or lifestyle.

To see your parents die in a dream reflects an inability to make positive or effective choices. Your father dying symbolizes your conscience or ability to make positive choices being compromised. Your mother dying symbolizes your intuition or ability to think ahead being compromised. A dead mother may also reflect feelings of being overwhelmed by bad luck. You can't find answers you want, or you feel unlucky. The death of parents in a dream is a sign that you need to seriously reconsider your current life path. Significant or fundamental changes may be in order.

To see a boyfriend or girlfriend die in a dream symbolizes a helpful or protective aspect of your personality that has been overcome by a problem. A habit or situation that had your best interests at heart may no longer be viable or has been compromised.

To dream of a spouse dying represents a permanent or secure aspect of yourself that has been compromised. A habit or situation that you've completely depended has changed. Something you were accustomed to may have been compromised. It may also reflect a loss of something in your life that you never believed would change.

“Article 2”
This makes for a sad dream, but death isn’t as ominous a theme as you’d think-it’s more about change on the horizon. If someone you know dies in a dream you have, think about your connection to that person. Is there an aspect of your relationship that needs changing? Or is there something about the person’s life that you’d like to see manifesting itself in your own? Death-related dreams might also be about incoming change or the dreamer’s need to change.
“Article 3”
To dream of your own death indicates a transitional phase in your life. You are becoming more enlightened or spiritual. Alternatively, you are trying desperately to escape the demands of your daily life. To dream that you are faking your own death suggests that you are looking for a new start. You need some change in your life.

"I would like to thanks my sis Akanksha, for helping me out in this post"